Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Testing iPad

Yesterday I got my schools iPad for testing. We hope to give computers to our students because the matriculation exam will involve using computers as early as 2014. I have never actually use a Mac before and this is a whole new adventure to me. All the things I am accustomed to are different and I am still having hard times finding things. If Windows is filled with folders and subfolders and buttons, iPad seems to be lacking them. I have used several touch devices before; my phone is Nokia N900, my husband has an android based touch phone and I use the smart board daily. Still I don't seem to handle this device well. Choosing text is weird. Tapping on the screen may choose one word, one chapter, or the whole screen and the text "copy" appears on a black bubble. Now I am wondering how I will accomplish that when I really want to copy something. Also the predictive writing gives me hard times. The default language is now Finnish and typing English creates funny sentences. The odd thing is that if a suggestion appears, I have to close it. If I don't, the suggested text appears. That is so different from all my previous Nokia phones where I have to choose the suggested word if I want to take advantage of it. The funniest suggestion yesterday was changing my username " lekahe" to ketale, which is Finnish and could be translated as a crook!