Friday, January 23, 2009

Time and Mathematics

I have once blogged about a clock for math geeks but today I found a much cooler clock in Walyou, my favourite Tech website.

This really needs more advanced math than I am teaching.

Walyou has intoduced many math clocks earlier and I decided to check what else could be found in the net.

This is the first one I spotted in StumbleUpon almost 2 years ago:

What I found funny was the discussion in cnet news. The expression for 7 gives 6.999... and the argument about 0.999... being equal to 1 continues. Maybe I should blog about that next. has nice clocks featuring famous mathematicians. This one is my favourite, since it contains the most beautiful equation. The Euler Clock:

For a reminder, this is the one I introduced before. It also has some inaccuraties. 9 is only an estimate and 7 has two solutions.


I also love this Binary clock. I have one at home, a mother's day gift from my children. This one is from ThinkGeek

Kaboodle had this clock made of numbers

Karlsson Mixed Numbers...

This is a unit circle clock and would be really helpful learning trigonometry. Found in Law9

This cool but confusing clock I found in WebUrbanist, which has altogether 24 different Modern Clock designs introduced.

Libraby of Math has a huge collection of math related clocks.

Large Binary Wall Clock
a different kind of binary clock

Large Wall Clock
a trigonometry clock

Large Square Root Wall Clock
a square root clock

This is actually a watch from Watchismo, but I think this would be much better on the classroom wall.

Even though I love math, I think this Turing alarm clock is too much... My husband and daughter want to continue sleeping after the first alarm. I would go crazy when I had to listen to all the alarms several times! When I wake up, there is no chance to continue sleeping; I am awake.


oak and natural wall clocks said...

Unique clock designs. I would probably had a hard time telling what time it is based on their designs. I think this clock is made for the math geniuses. :D

michele watches said...

The clock designs look beautiful and unique. I love the ones with the mathematical equations.

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