Friday, January 16, 2009

Battleships Solution Video

It is funny how things show up (almost) at the most convinient moment. I have been searching for a good way to record video tutorials to my Finnish blog where I teach my students about computers. I found a good program, but hosting the video was a problem. Youtube, Photobucket and Blogger did not show the details very well. Also the uploading time was very long.

Today I was checking my Google Reader and found this post. After watching a couple of videos I registered to ScreenToaster and here is my first puzzle tutorial. The video is clear and the uploading was really fast.

I have to practise some more before I add the voice. This one had also problems at first; my Vista informed that the color scheme was changed to Vista Basic, and the information pop-up threw me out of the recording screen. How much time I have spent solving problems created by Vista...

The puzzle is one of the weekly puzzles from Conceptis


Anonymous said...

hi friend!! U have a very cool site here....would U mind if we exchange links? ^_^

Anonymous said...

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