Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild About Math!

During my 1.5-year journey in the blogosphere I have found amazingly many good resources. There are times when I find a place which leads to so many new resources that I spend days exploring them. One of these occasions was when I found Sol Lederman's blog Wild About Math!. Sol's blog is a serious math blog which mine is not; I have many times been more enthusiastic to write about puzzles or the Finnish lifestyle and of course Piitu.

Sol covers all aspects of math from the fear of it to the fun of it and takes care of all ages from kindergarten to university. Even his Blogroll is full of math bloggers.

Here are some posts I enjoyed the most:

8 really fun paper and pencil Math games
Interesting little Math problem
Five constants tie together multiple branches of mathematics
What patterns can you find in Pascal’s triangle?
Ti-Nspire inspires Math students

The last one is important to me at the moment. I have a trial version of the TI-Nspire program and I was planning to check it over the holidays. I guess I am running out of time...

Sol has also made great mathcasts (videos)

I still have lots to learn!

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Unknown said...

Happy New Year :D

BTW, it was my b'day on new year's eve too :P

I'm not that fond of math but am trying to like and enjoy it!!