Saturday, January 31, 2009

Congratulations Waldo's People!

Finland's representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 has been chosen. The six songs chosen on the first round were oddly separated between 3 songs for the taste of young people and the other 3 were definitely for old people. In this case, like so very often, I regard myself as one of the young :)

Last week I was definitely supporting Waldo's People with their song Lose Control. Waldo won, and here is the song. I think it is just one in a dozen and will not win.

During last week I changed my mind because this song started to fill my head. The group is Signmark and one of the performers is deaf. He is signing the words. I think this would have been something new and memorable in the big list of similar songs. I just love the melody. Here is Speakerbox.

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