Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Piitu has been furminated! Furminator is a patented tool which has a special edge that removes loose undercoat hair (where shedding begins) and leaves the pet with a shiny, healthier top coat (according to commercials). Katri had read about it in the Corgi forums and decided to buy it on eBay. Once again it was much cheaper than brought here in a pet shop.

I was afraid that Piitu would say no to a treatment like that but she liked it. I think we could have got more hair out but the two of us got our arms tired first. Here Piitu is checking the pile of hair combed out.

And here is a picture how slim she looks like now. Still a lot of hair left.

The experts say that if all the loose hair is combed off we don't have hair all over the place but I think we have to have the treatment again soon.

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Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

We use "The Furminator" on our chocolate lab Lily and love it! I've recommended it (and "the Gentle Leader" -my other favorite dog product) to many!

Anonymous said...

Hieno Corgi sinulla!
Meidän kiharakarvainen noutajakin kaipaisi Furminaattoria ja ollaankin ajateltu ostaa sellainen. :)

Terveisin Henna