Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coign of Vantage - addicted again

I think I am much more selective than before, but once again I found a game which got me playing all over again.This is the first screen which shows a hint where the cursor  should be.

The pixels are in 3 dimensions and you have to rotate the image so that you are looking at the picture from above and seeing the projection of the pixels in a plane. It is not very easy at first but the progress makes you scontinue with a new game. One of the good features is that the images are not the same from game to game. It is unbelievable how big the effect on the pixels is when you move the cursor just a little bit.

I found the game in Random Good Stuff and you can play the game here.


Meghna said...

Very interesting...I just played it leena and looks like it's very addictive :P

Anonymous said...

Random Good Stuff is always fun, no pun intended! Great site!

Jesse W.