Friday, November 28, 2008

Puzzle Heaven

The flu does not seem to leave me alone. Sunday night I started coughing and woke up all the time. I slept most of Monday and Tuesday having also a headache. I had my Japanese puzzles course on Tuesday and I should have done lots of other things while the students were solving their puzzles, but I started to do the Mega-Pic-A-Pix on the Conceptis weekly puzzles. I had an amazing recovery or maybe I just forgot I even had a flu. Working with that puzzle and neglecting my other activities I finally finished it two days later on the same puzzle course :)

Here is a snapshot of the amazing picture:

This is bit blurry, but now it is on the 3 meters wide white screen in front of the class. I just had to show it to the students :)

Nowadays My Conceptis page looks like this. I solved some sudokus also, but I did not solve the first one and that is why it is empty.

After solving the Mega puzzle I just had to do the last black and white puzzle to get the page full. This was the first week Conceptis had 6 weekly PAPs. One was my favourite, the 2-colour puzzle. From now on the weekly treat will be 6 puzzles with one 2-colour PAP and one Mega about once a month ;)

I also took a snapshot of the Link-A-Pixes. The pictures are so beautiful! One was left unsolved.

New puzzles were published today. Now I have a new set and also the weekly review puzzle is a PAP. I think I am able to finish that one tomorrow to be able to review it.

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