Monday, December 29, 2008

Spending Holidays

Now the Christmas holidays are over and we are waiting for the New Year. Here is the picture of our tree

My sister picked it up from a farmer she knows. Here we actually grow trees to be used at Christmas time. Firs are very common here also in the nature.

We have made an agreement with the family that we don't really exchange gifts. Just something small and this year my gifts were related to Piitu. My daughter had found an artist (Marianne Kokko) who created paintings of dogs from photographs and here she is:

My sister's son has a girl friend who attended Rudolf Steiner school (also known as Waldorf education) like my children and she had made a woollen image of Piitu. It is created with a special kind of felt making using needles. It is not a very known skill nowadays.

I have eaten tons of chocolate and played games with the children. Katri got a game named Toledo for Christmas and I got a Rummikub game from Israel last summer and we have not played it so far. Now we just have to settle an argument about the rules before we can play it again.

I have lots of work planned for the remaining holiday. I should decide which program I am going to teach my students to use in photoshopping. I should also clean my computer folders which are not organized even though I bought the new laptop a year ago. I also should do something to this blog; not to mention my own website which is not even started yet...

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