Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day for everyone celebrating it. Pi day is celebrated on March the 14th due to the American style of expressing dates, 3/14, and the fact that 3.14 is the approximation of Pi everyone usually knows. However we Europeans write the date 14.3.2009 and the idea of switching the day and month seems totally impossible. We could use 31.4 as Pi Day but April does not have 31 days...

The solution for us is Pi Approximation Day on July the 22th, due to pi being roughly equal to 22/7, an ancient approximation of pi.

I told my students about the Square Root Day 03.03.09 and they probably thought I was crazy. We don't actually have a culture for celebrations like this. Maybe I should start pushing them. We have numerous days dedicated to old Finnish culture figures. Let's add some mathematics to the culture!

Here is Lose Yourself (In The Digits) by Pi Diddy made for Pi Day last year.

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