Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Weird Sauna Related Equipment

I came across another sauna related piece of furniture.

According to Anna van der Lei website:
A wooden bath represents the feeling and the smell of the sauna, a place where you clean yourself and relax. It has no fixed position but you can select yourself the environment. Changing clothes, being at peace in your environment and bathing: a Finnish ritual coming together in the Badkast.
Well, Finns need the heat of the sauna. The heat takes care of the relaxing. Changing clothes does not usually happen in the sauna. People want to chill outside or by the fireplace before putting clothes on. Saunas are also places where people want to socialize. This is way too lonely.

‘bath cabinet’ by anna van der lei (photo: rene van der hulst)

The amazing thing is that the whole closet is made from one single Larch tree.

via Gizmodo [via Design Boom via Anna van der Lei]

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Laurel LaFLamme said...

That is really neat! But if the doors are closed to retain the heat, you're sitting in the dark? That's just odd. However, what a splendid creation. The bath cabinet is gorgeous.