Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Satisfaction of a Solved Puzzle

In February when my holiday started, I took a huge challenge to solve a 110x175 Pic-A-Pix puzzle. It was not as hard as I had imagined but it took a great deal of my holiday. I am not complaining; those hours were very enjoyable. I almost got it finished before the end of the holiday but I got affected by the most common problem, miscalculation in some clue. I erased the area in the centre probably 5 times, always getting a little bigger part right. At that point I was ready to take a break from it, but said to my daughter that she could solve it if she wanted to, and she did! The wrong block had appeared actually very early and that is why I had not got it fixed. I should have gone a bit lower. Now the colouring of the puzzle has taken longer than the solution. I finished it last night watching who won the Survivor China. Here it is (the darker areas on the background are mostly shadows...):

The fantastic thing about this puzzle was all the detail. It made solving interesting and the result very lively.

Now my husband says that I have to frame it and hang it on the wall. That is something I just can't do. It has a 175x110 puzzle on the other side...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,
Congratulations !
I am also passionate about Japanese puzzles and I'm a fan of Conceptis Puzzles.
Where did you find the puzzle 110x175 which you spoke on your blog April 12?

Leena Helttula said...

I subscribe to two different Japanese magazines. I buy them through a Japanese book store in London which imports them from Japan. A weird way, but works very well. The other one, I think it is Logic Paradise, has this kind of an additional treat once a year :)