Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twitter is Great!

I had a school day Yesterday. It was one of the three compulsory educational days for the teachers and I did a presentation to the others about social communities in the internet and what I have learned from my friends. Before I left, I sended a Tweet:

I got a good example of the benefits using Twitter. The first one to response was the Finnish national radio!

Then wishes from old friends

And 3 messages from followers I really have not had a closer contact with.

Have a problem, ask Twitter. Someone always has something to answer. This is one of the reasons I changed my way in adding followers. I basically add everybody who has a profile and has sent some reasonable tweets. You never know what you'll need and who knows what!


Laurel LaFLamme said...

That's it, Leena. Convincing people that not only what they have to say is important, but that others are listening and they really care; that's the real thing about social media networking. It IS great and we are a part of that. You go, Girl!

Loren said...

I agree with you. As a part time educator there are so many great education professionals here on Twitter. Great networking and idea generation. Education is about collaboration isn't it?