Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sudokid - Sudoku for Kids

Sudokid is a kid’s version of Sudoku. Sudokid is very simple: Sudoku with shapes, instead of numbers. Sudokid comes with 75 Unique Game Cards- 25 at each difficulty level (easy, medium, and hard). Be careful adults, you may get addicted too...

It’s designed and developed by the Quirky community. The idea is that the product requires 300 commitments to buy before it goes into production and is made (priced at $14.99). So far 27 have been pre-sold. You’re not charged until the threshold is met.

I hope they make it, the idea is great. If you are interested, check the details here

[via Josh Spear]


Ariela said...

I'm totally getting this for my niece and little brother. It's the perfect educational gift that's still fun and provides a great way to begin understanding logic.

claro mensajes said...

I love sodoku cause it makes feel so relaxed.