Sunday, January 3, 2010

Odd Finnish Winter Hobbies

The winter in Finland is as nice as it can get. Snow and around -20 degrees Celsius. The nature is so white and clean and beautiful.

For some people this is really the time they are excited about the cold. My husband is one of those people who loves swimming in ice. I never do this, not because of the cold, but the water. I hate water and don't swim even in the summertime. Here is a picture of my husband having fun yesterday at sunset and that was  about 3 pm.

Wikipedia has an article about Ice Swimming, in case you got excited about it.


Eric said...
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DegreeFinders said...

I like the winter pic. Very beautiful. Of course, like you, not much of a swimmer, and would so not go in that water when it's that cold. Well, maybe if I were being chased by a really big bear and had nowhere else to go.

Garret said...

I love the picture. It reminds me of when I lived in Russia for 2 years. The Russians do that same thing. I live in America now and I could never bring myself to get into that cold of water.

Thanks for the memory recall!

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Anonymous said...

it's realy COOL! :)