Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pleasant Sudoku Surprise

There was a time when I searched for Japanese puzzles with Google. When the Sudoku boom had really reached the whole world there were lots of links to many sudokus, published daily or weekly, to be printed or played online. I never found any Conceptis sudokus, except from Conceptis website of course.

Now that I don’t search anymore, I happened to find one using a Technorati watchlist for puzzles.

Canadian Toronto Star publishes daily a Conceptis Dave Green Sudoku. The site uses the Conceptis Flash application I like so much. At one point I was a bit fed up with sudokus, but the online game in Conceptis has made me solve most of them weekly. Sometimes they are not enough for me and now I have a place to look for more.

This is a screen shot of today's Sudoku. They even have an archive which contains at the moment almost one month. What a paradise for an addict like me while waiting for the new website.

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