Saturday, November 3, 2007

Small pieces of joy

Last week when Dave visited us, the weather in the Southern Finland was as dull as it can be: the ground was wet and grey, the sky was misty, the trees had some leaves left and even those looked like dead.

Today I woke up in a much more beautiful world. Our first snow has come. It makes all the difference; now the view out of the window seems bright and clean even though the sun is not shining.

The snow also brings some comfort to me. My father died exactly one year ago. Many countries celebrate Halloween now, but we have the All Saint’s Day and since the Lutheran religion does have no saints, we remember all of the people already gone.

I know this snow is not going to last for long but I does not matter. It is still too warm for it to stay but now it is creating this magical atmosphere.


Tanny said...

You have snow, I envy you, I want snow too, this is more than we have here in Israel, and I have to drive for 1.5 hrs to see snow, one day a year.

Gil said...

How charming. Just like a Chekhov play. How come everything always look so full of magic when its snows? BTW, are those your footsteps there Leena? :)

Leena Helttula said...

No they are not mine. I live at the end of the house where the picture is taken from and I hardly never go that way. The parking lot is to the opposite direction :)

Anonymous said...

Like you, I prefer trees with snow to dead branches. The snow seems to warm them up.