Sunday, October 28, 2007

What do puzzles, Finland and Spanish red wine have in common - Conceptis!

Conceptis is not just about puzzles. It is a community, people around the world sharing the same interest in logic puzzles. The people in the community are friends, almost like family.

I had a fabulous weekend! I had a visitor from my new family, the dearest of all, Dave Green. Dave was on a business trip in Scandinavia seeing publishers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Even though Dave had been travelling very much in the past month, to my great joy he included me in his journey and came from Helsinki to Turku just to see me and my family.

I have considered Dave my friend for over two years now. We have had the most interesting e-mail conversations over those years. My husband and I had already seen Dave in July during our visit to Israel. That trip was amazing; meeting all those Conceptis people after having met them by e-mail only. The staff was like a family and I had a real feeling becoming a part of it. when I picked Dave up from the train station, it was as if all the months between our departure had vanished.

Dave told me the latest news in the cosy little hotel lobby and we went to dinner with my whole family. My son and his girlfriend had cancelled their trip to Rovaniemi this weekend to meet Dave. Probably Dave did not think that was a great sacrifice since his trip to Rovaniemi during the World Puzzle Championship 2002 had been very dull. He and his wife had driven about 3-4 hours there seeing a million trees, a thousand lakes, numerous reindeers and one car :)

We had a fabulous dinner in the restaurant Rocca and had some very good laughs. Finally my son found his equal; he is very intelligent and has a very sarcastic sense of humour which few people understand but Dave did.

After the dinner we went to our home in Kaarina to continue the discussions over some cheese and red wine which one of my dear Conceptis friends, Rosa from Spain, had brought me when she paid us a visit in August.

The children left, my husband went to bed, but I continued my discussion with Dave until 5 am when I drove him back to the hotel. It seems to me that no time is enough talking with Dave!
The next day we drove Dave to the airport and when my husband was driving Dave and I still had some things left regarding the Conceptis Pixies.

After all this Dave's flight was late. I hope he got some sleep in the plane!

I also hope as many of you in the Conceptis community can experience what I have: meeting so many friends from the forums and the fabulous staff. I have moved to the next level; the puzzles are not the main thing any more, the people are.

If Dave can drink Rosa's wine with Leena in Turku, then ANYTHING in life is possible.

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Anonymous said...

Os anos passam...
As lembranças são eternas.
A saudade permanente e nossos olhos em busca
de cenas de tempos vividos.

Os anos passam...
Vivemos lições de vida, aprendemos a vasculhar
nas nossas recordações do coração e a acariciar
lindos momentos que se foram para não mais voltar.

Os anos passam...
Crescemos na alma, mas sempre seremos frágeis no amor.

Os anos passam...
Muitos virão ou quem sabe, nossa estrada nesta vida seja curta.
Nada sabemos do amanhã, nem quando vamos...

Os anos continuam a desfilar na passarela do aprendizado e nós, protagonistas da vida, enfrentamos os momentos que nos fazem infelizes e nos deliciamos com os felizes!

Resumimos que a vida é um grande baile em que almas se encontram, se esbarram, se unem e se separam.

Cada qual bailando nos conflitos, nas esperanças e nas suavidades de momentos de amor.

De todos os anos que se foram concluo que viver, é ser cada qual, em sua essência adquirida.

Com todas as adversidades, com as lágrimas derramadas, ainda assim, a alegria de viver é o maior presente embrulhado em papéis de brilhos de momentos.

Relembrar é viver um pouco mais, viva a sua vida pois ela é curta.
Valorize e ame a você mesmo, pois ninguém mais que você, te conhece.

E não se esqueça...

Ninguém lembrará o que fez de bom, mas, todos se lembrarão dos seus erros.