Monday, October 22, 2007

Sudoku winner is no surprise

I have had lots of traffic in my mailbox lately from BlogLog or BlogCatalog informing I have new messages or friends, from StumbleUpon announcing messages in SU mailbox or from Clipmarks telling my clippers activity. This morning I had a message from LiveJournal that a member had added me as a friend. I was already a fan because I had joined a group named World Puzzle Championships. When I went to look at his page I found out who my new friend was: Thomas Snyder, the Sudoku world champion who had won the Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship Saturday!

He became the world champion of Sudoku in April in Prague.

Here is the story from, and remember to check also the video of the highlights
The current world Sudoku champion, obviously at the top of the game, put the numbers together again today. Thomas Snyder, a post-graduate from Stanford, Calif., won the Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship at the Convention Center.

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