Monday, October 8, 2007

Nightwish started their tour in Israel

"Nightwish started their world tour Saturday night in Tel-Aviv with a concert which was sold out. The first official concert with the new vocalist Anette Olzonin got the Israeli heavy metal fan into ecstasy" writes Turun Sanomat today. Unfortunately they write only in Finnish.

This video is from the concert and one of my favourites - Ever Dream - and judged by the reactions of the audience they like it, too.

Turun Sanomat continues: " The Israeli fan club has for two years tried to arrange a concert, and now the club with a few thousand members celebrated - regardless the fact that most members thought that the new vocalist did not reach to the level of Tarja Turunen.

After the recording in the Hartwall Areena (Helsinki) on the 21st of October, 2005, of the new live DVD End of an Era (released June 2006), the four other members of Nightwish decided that it was best to continue Nightwish without Tarja Turunen, a feeling they expressed through an open letter which was given to Turunen by Tuomas Holopainen after the concert, and afterwards posted on the band's website. The main justification of Turunen's dismissal given in the letter was that the band felt that her husband Marcelo Cabuli, an Argentinian businessman, and commercial interests had changed her attitude towards the band.

The opinions have been similar here; Some people think that Tarja Turunen was Nightwish. However she was just the vocalist and the band is about Tuomas Holopainen and his music.

All I can say to this that I could not stand Nightwish, while Tarja Turunen was the singer. She had the education of an opera singer and when somebody does not pronounce English well and sings opera, no one understands anything about the lyrics.

Changing the vocalist to Swedish Anette Olzon has made me like their music.

You can judge by yourself. This video clip shows the difference between the two Nightwishes:

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