Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Do I live In Mario Land?

Sometimes I realize that things which are every day life to me, are really surpirising for others. My son who belongs to groups about games, showed me the article Mario Mushroom Found in the Wild in Tokyo Mango

The writer tells that there is now knowledge where this grows, and asks for people who have eaten it report if they have experienced unusual growth.
referring the previous article knows where to find it and ends their article:
With the way some people are, I'm just surprised some moron hasn't gotten sick eating one of these and then blamed it on Nintendo! So, remember kids, don't ingest things you find in the forest. Words to live by!
This was so funny. The mushroom is the only poisonuous mushroom known in Finland when I was a child! Every Finnish child has been taught not eat those. It looks so good that it may attract children. Wikipedia says that the mushroom
Amanita muscaria (also known by the English-language common name fly agaric or Fly Amanita) is a psychoactive agaric species of mushroom found commonly throughout much of the world.

I did not much play Super Mario. At that time I never learned to use the controllers of Nintendo. I saw kids playing it, but I never made the connection between our familiar fly mushroom. I guess you miss the most common things seeing them in unusual places.

Wikipedia has also two pictures showing the similarity very well


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Dear

Anonymous said...

That is really neat. I always thought its was a made up cartoon mushroom. I hope little children don't eat these. Should Nintendo be to blame if they do. No I don't think so.