Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More Tags

I have been tagged again by Jay a.k.a. Dat from There are actually three different tags for three different things from which people can choose.

The first is the Birthday meme I already did in November so I can skip that.

To the second meme Jay was tagged by Cotojo and here I have to tell seven weird things about me. That is not even hard. I think most things I do seem weird to other people

  1. Let’s start from the beginning: I was 2 or 3 years old and my mother tried to take a nap and was singing a lullaby to me. I was not sleepy and at some point I asked my mother: “Are you crazy?”
  2. I had a imaginary friend named Kaisa when I was too young to go to school. I obviously had really seen her based on my parents’ descriptions.
  3. I was actually very shy when I was younger. I think that I was about 30 until I got rid of that.
  4. At 17 when we had a week’s winter vacation I spent it solving Geometry problems
  5. I tend to save everything: Old bills I have paid, old lessons I have been listening to, or I have held myself. You never can know when they turn out to be useful, except I don’t have much of a chance to find them any more.
  6. I am a candloholic. I buy originally looking candles every time I see on in the shop or the flea market. I of course burn them, too, but at the moment my shopping speed is bigger than the burning speed. I also like candle holders.
  7. I collect every Japanese puzzle I see. It can be a book or a magazine, a single puzzle from the daily paper or a puzzler downloaded from some website. I have enough puzzles for the next 3 generations at least. My grand-grand-children are going to think I have been totally nuts. Conceptis makes enough puzzles. I can’t even solve all of their weekly variety in one week and still I must get a new book or a Conceptis magazine by ordering them from abroad
The third tag to Jay is from Julie in which I’m supposed to go through my archives and choose five favorite posts about my family, friends, myself, something I love and lastly, one of my choice.
  1. family: Second day in school
  2. friends: Reasons to blog
  3. myself: What do Puzzles, Finland and Spanish Wine have in common – Conceptis
  4. Something I love is definitely the Pic-A-Pix-puzzles and
  5. One of my own choice tells about the amazing Internet phenomena in Finland.

And I tag my recent friends who have written their comments on my blog:

Nature Nut /JJ Loch from Nature Shows and Dreams
RennyBA from Renny BA's Terella
pussreboots from
Puss Reboots
April from
Nature At My Doorstep
itot54joni from which ever blog he chooses
Cyberpunk from

You can answer which ever meme you choose or do the birthday meme, just follow the link above.


pussreboots said...

Thanks for tagging me but I've done all these things except for the birthday meme and that one is just too long to post.

Unsugarcoated Reviews said...

hehe interesting memes (and interesting answers from you) :D

I'll do them as soon as I get more free time :D

hmm I see a lot of those pretty candles but I don't buy any since I won't need them. The few ones at home I don't even wanna use, I just treat them as decoration :D

April said...

Thanks for tagging me, Leena. This is all so new, but I'll try to do one soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag - very sweet of you!

Great meme - good to know a new blog friend better!

According to you #6, you and my wife will get along very well :-)

Wish you a great first week of 2008!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Thank for letting me know about the tag! I'll choose the last one because I also have done one of the others. It may take me a few weeks before I get to it.

Hugs, JJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Leena, I decided to do the 7 weird things meme, but minus the tags for now. It was actually fun. I enjoyed reading your lists and getting to know you better.