Friday, March 21, 2008

Cute Corgis

Corgis are just so cute. I wrote earlier that Piitu has her own social network. My daughter joined a Finnish Corgi Forum provided by Suomen Welsh Corgi Seura (Finnish Corgi association). The forum is very active and the Corgi owners upload lots of photographs there.

Two of the best pictures have been uploaded by the same user Mona (Promisehill Irish Rose).

This picture is a bit spooky… Where is the rest of the dog?

Every Corgi owner knows that Corgis are very “good eaters” and they have a very good nose for food, but this is just amazing:

The last one is a video I found in YouTube. Even though my Piitu is an excellent jumper, she can’t do this :)


Digital Polaroids said...

I love your dog!

DineometerDeb said...

It does look like a dogless head! The tongue shot is cute too.

Anonymous said...

Man, you gotta be careful with Corgi's that jump like that. My Truman (male, Pembroke, 7 years old) was a jumper and screwed his back up one afternoon. $8,000 later, after doggie MRI's, open back surgery and a week in cage confinement he healed back to his old self and walks, runs again. Wasn't pretty when he messed up, couldn't use his hind legs at all.

Bottom line, don't let your Corgi's jump, and your better off not running them on stairs.

Anonymous said...

the owners of the jumping corgis are very irresponsible! A dwarfed leg dog should NEVER jump more than 8-10 inches. There legs will be destroyed with splinters & arthritis. It made me cringe watching that video!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody who is making a bigass fuss about the corgis jumping, just read the thing that poped up about they stoped doing that they are perfectly fine.So... stop bichen about it.