Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Eurovision Song Contest representative 2008 for Finland: Teräsbetoni

It seems that after some time the young people have started to take an interest in the Eurovision Song Contest. Two years ago we were represented by Lordi who gave us the victory in the finals with the highest score in the history of the contest. At that point Finland was divided in half: those who were sure that Lordi had good changes and those who thought that Finland would make a fool of herself sending the monsters to the competition. I belonged to the first group and Lordi gave us much more than I could never have hoped for.

Last year Serbia won, but we did not do bad compared to our achievements in history. Serbia's song was a ballad sung in their own language and probably that had caused this year most of the Finnish participants to be Finnish songs.

The competition was very tight. Among the three best were two songs to satisfy younger people and one old Finnish ballad sung by Kari Tapio, who stated that if the competition would take place in Serbia, he would not go. That kind of music I am ashamed of in Finnish music culture. Boring, similar to all the other songs in the same genre and not something you can show Europe.

The winner Teräsbetoni is again a hard rock -band, but this time singing in Finnish. That is actually a good thing. Finnish can be very lyrical, but we have also words which suit hard rock very well. Finnish has often been compared to German where the consonants are expressed much stronger than in English.

Again the speculations started: Everybody will be laughing at us! Wrong!! This is a song we can show the world :)


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The Spanish song is really horrible.
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