Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finnish metal music doing good!

After Lordi won the Eurovision song contest our music has not had this big news. I heard the first time about this on the radio and using my connections, a British friend, found the right site. A Finnish band, Children of Bodom has reached number one in UK Rock Album Chart!

The following is clipped from a Finnish blog:

15.jpgFinnish death metal band Children of Bodom is doing great in America. With their Blooddrunk album C.O.B. has climbed up to 22nd position in American Billboard album list. So far only “love metal” band HIM has been more successful Finnish band in America. Blooddrunk has been successful also in other countries. It is seventh in Canada, 12th in Japan and 44th in UK. In Germany the album is tenth and in Austria it is 19th. Notice that these are “general” lists. In the rock list of UK Children of Bodom’s Blooddrunk is currently the first one. In Finland the situation is naturally the same.

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I also added the video here. If this is doing good, I think Teräsbetoni should be just fine in this year's Eurovision Song Contest.


Struggling Parents said...

Pretty radical music...thanks for adding my blogs to your "blog roll"...I appreciate it...have a nice weekend !!!

Bernardo Alonso said...

I used to listen to some Finnish punk bands. Great bands indeed, like "Bastards" (+ / - 1982) and "Kaaos", among others. I can't really remember the names... :-) it has been a while since then.