Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Finally the spring has started for me. In this last period I have only two courses, which makes two days at work in a week. Finally I am able to try to catch on the things I have been neglecting lately, like this blog for instance. I have all kinds of stuff stored for me to write about.

I have been very much involved in Digg lately and I have managed to get 44 articles to the front page. That is very addictive, I have to admit that.

I had also my interview published on StumbleBlogger. I have got very much positive comments about that one. Thanks for all who have sent me them.

Finally, I have been invited to take part in the Teacher Potluck Carnival. I even know already what I will be submitting…

I had a long period not using the PS2 Singstars, but lately I have again started singing, competing with my daughter. This was a song I remember from my favourites long ago in my youth, but now my daughter beats me in that, too.

Without You - Harry Nilsson

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faizalnizam said...

Hi there, just dropping by to say Hello,

I found your blog from the Big Bang Master List.

Have a nice day.