Friday, June 6, 2008

City people in Ruovesi

This time I am in Ruovesi with my children and two crazy dogs; my Piitu and Lulu who is a Welsh Corgi Cardigan and belongs to my son and his girlfriend. Tomorrow we are attending a Dog show for Corgi’s.

The trip has been funny so far. That is what happens when people used to living in a big city head for the country. We had printed the map from the Internet but it does not help if you are not paying attention to the directions. I was as usual doing my puzzles on the front seat when my daughter was driving. I was supposed to be the navigator, but when I was not fully concentrating we drove past an intersection and the result was that we had to drive over 100 km too much using a smaller but a beautiful country road. We had a real map with us which I preferred to use instead of the Google maps in my sons mobile.

We had made a reservation for a cabin and it turned out that this is a camping cabin instead of a normal summer cabin. We share the common toilet and showers with this whole small island in the middle of a lake and we were not actually prepared. We did not take any water with us, no plates or mugs, no bug spray… We have bought all the dinners in advance so we don’t starve.

At least we are in a good mood and are laughing about this. The nature is fabulous. This photo was taken a little before 11 pm. The Finnish summer is at its greatest!

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