Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gorgi Agility Camp in Kajaani

Almost two weeks ago my daughter, my dog Piitu and I spent the weekend at a corgi agility camp in Kajaani, which is about 700 km north from where we live. Since there were only the two of us and I don’t particularly like driving long distances, we decided to go there by train. That actually meant three trains in one direction. I was very nervous before the journey because Piitu is very wild and I was afraid she would get bored spending so much time just being in the same place. As usual I worried for nothing; Piitu acted like a little angel. I guess just looking around and seeing new things was enough to keep her happy.

Here the journey starts. Piitu had a ticket to stay on the floor, but she kept jumping to our laps. Pets are allowed in a certain department and with one exception the compartments in each train were almost empty.

The second part from Tampere to Oulu was a night train and we had a sleeping cabinet. Piitu is here checking what is happening outside. My daughter slept on the upper bed and Piitu would have liked to go there with her. She actually thought about trying the stairs to jump up but came to her senses and did not do it.

This is the railway station of Oulu where we spent two hours in the morning waiting for the next train. The building is a very typical railway station in Finland.

Piitu in the back seat of the VW Golf we rented; this time totally happy without even trying to get out of there.

Here my daughter is packing. Piitu wanted to make sure that she would be included in the things to come with us and placed herself in the end of the line.

This is from the last part of the trip. Piitu was totally exhausted and placed herself in the middle of the floor. Fortunately there was not much traffic…

And the best part last. Here are pictures from Piitu’s performance. These photographs were taken by Katri Soini. She had the right equipment to freeze the moment. Have you seen flying dogs before?


Anonymous said...

Hauska matka Kajaaniin!:)
Mä pidän paljon sinun kaunis koirani Korgi;)Tämä on varma mielenkintoinen juttu!


Anonymous said...

Piitu is so adorable! I love to take my dog with me on my Camping trips as well. They're like one of the family and makes my trips even more memorable.