Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Traveler IQ Challenge

One of my StumbleUpon friends sent me a link to this addicting game.

Try it, it's really addictive. I live in a place many people can't even locate in the map, but I have had to learn very much geography in school. My problem mostly is that so many countries have changed name or divided after I left school. I have reached level 6 on World Map with my third game.
There is also
The Traveler IQ on FaceBook and the game can be embedded to your own website.
There are different challenges: the whole world, different continents, flags etc.

You can enter the game here.


Liudmila said...

Thank you!!! It's a great game! I was diverting sooo much!

Posted it in my "Diary" and the list of your friends from the previous post too. Hope it can help in our "common thing" :)))

Black_Mamba said...

I took the test and scored 1,798. Pretty bad huh? I suck at geography lol.....

Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I still owe you that meme :P