Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beautiful mathematics

Social Rank has over 100 sites listed in BlogLog and I found one which suits me: Math Bloggers. In their Last week's Top Blog Posts on Mathematics I found a fabulous video about Möbius transformations by Douglas N. Arnold and Jonathan Rogness.

You can check the video here and read the whole article in MathTrek blog

Isn't mathematics beautiful?


Meghna said...

Hi Leena,
i didn't ever think that maths was so good. It had been my worst subject since last year but this year I got really good marks and so i loved it!
keep writing!

Leena Helttula said...

Hi meghna,
Keep on studying! Maths is so amazing when you learn to understand it. Learning comes from good practise :)

JesieBlogJourney said...

I love math and it has always been my favorite subject. I already plan to blog on Math or Algebra next week.

It will be great if you can share your thoughts.

Leena Helttula said...

Jesie, I can't wait!
I definitely will :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,
It is exciting to see that your blog can inspire others in the area of Maths. I have a maths blog too. But I like the way you give your post its title. It is short and to the point.


Leena Helttula said...

Hi eehai, and thank you very much! I have visited your blog and I think it's great. My career as a blogger is so new, that I have just begun with less demanding things than you blog about. I'll definitely link to your blog at some point, either from here or my Finnish blog which is for my students :)