Sunday, November 25, 2007

A milestone - my first award

Be The Blog award

I have received an award!

My new friend, the amazing 12 year old Meghna from India, writing her fantastic stories in Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger gave me the Be-The-Blog Award.

I am really honoured because this gives me the proof that I am succeeding in what I am doing: trying to convince more people about mathematics being beautiful and fun. Meghna’s comments have been very encouraging and an important source of motivation.

I would like to pass on the award to

Gil from Individual@home, because he convinced me to start blogging in the first place and introduced me to the secrets of social networks. Even now I feel that he is virtually holding my hand in my interesting new adventure :)

Thomas Laupstad from Photos from Northern Norway: A photo blog who was one of my first friends in blogosphere and who publishes his fabulous photographs

Liudmila from Diary - Everything about interests of a mature person who is one of my newest friends

Mokki from Mökkikunta, a Portuguese who writes about Finland and Portugal using Portuguese, English and Finnish in his blog.

Anne Rongas from Blogien opetuskäyttö whose blog has convinced me that maybe it is possible for me to get my Finnish blog succeeding in what I am doing here.

(Sorry for those whose browser does not show the Scandinavian letters right).

There would have been many more to add to this list. I have so many supporters and motivators and I hope I can give them in return what I have received from them. At least all my rewards go to different countries!

The code for the badge can be found in MeAndMyDrum by Mark, whose idea this award is.


Black_Mamba said...

Hello Leena. Congrats on your BTB Award. I'm sure that won't be the last. It was well deserved :)

Tanny said...

Congratulations Leena!
This is great new, good for you, keep up the good work :)

Cyn said...

Loads of congratulations on your award, from Pixie Cyn!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

And congrats on your award!!

Everymatter said...

Congratulation on getting BTB award.

Do more blogging and more awards will come to you.


Black_Mamba said...

Heelo again Leena.

I've tagged you in my recent post.

I'm working on the meme you passed and will post it within the day. Thanks again and congrats Leena :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,

It feels great to share ideas and knowledge with people. Using blogs is a good way to propagate information. I have this satisfaction everytime I post an article. Congrats to you on getting the award. Many Cheers!

From: http//