Friday, November 16, 2007

My Wildest Dream

I have been tagged for a meme by Jenny Mannion from Heal Pain Naturally about
Revealing My Dream -- A Personal Development Challenge

The meme was originally for personal developers, but widely thinking aren’t we all.

I have some of my dreams come true lately; my journey to Israel last summer, Dave’s visit to me a month ago, my brand new car a year ago... all of which I considered would never happen.

The rules state that the dream has to be wild, but honestly my dreams have never been very wild. I guess I have my feet too much on the ground. So here it goes:

I have a great job and wonderful students but after 20 years in my job teaching mathematics I have started to hope to get some change. I would love to teach people to solve puzzles. My dream is an online Academy of Puzzles where I could use e-Learning to be able to reach the students from all over the world. As Gil has wrote in his blog, the puzzles can be used as pain relievers and I know from personal experience their effect on the mental health and effect on decreasing stress. Also according to numerous studies brain activity can prevent from Alzheimer’s decease or at least delay it. Getting that decease is the worst of my nightmares. So briefly I want to become a Puzzle Teacher.

Here is the info about the original meme:

The Rules

  1. Reveal your dream for the world to see, either on your blog (if you’re a blogger) or in the comments of a blog (like this one).
  2. Remember, it’s a dream - so aim high! If your inner critic tells you that your dream isn’t “realistic”, tell your inner critic to take a hike. State one of your wildest dreams AS IS.
  3. Tag some other bloggers, or friends. Don’t forget this step!
  4. Links back to this post are appreciated, but not essential. You could just mention that you’re responding to the Reveal Your Dream challenge on
  5. That’s it - start manifesting
  6. One last thing

You’re allowed to have many dreams, but you don’t have to reveal EVERYTHING for the world to see - just pick one of them for this challenge. Also, the beauty of being human and having the freedom of choice is that you can always change your mind - and by setting the wheels in motion for the dream you mention you’ll be able to make an informed choice. Reveal your dream for the world to see. It’s risky, but I promise you’ll thank me down the road. Oh, and please keep in touch - I want to hear how it all goes!

I’ll tag my following friends to keep this challenge going:

Gil Galanti from Individual@home

Lawrence Cheok from A Long Long Road

André Benjamim from Andre Benjamim

Ivy from Chuvaness....Chakaness....Eclavu... and

Meghna from Delve into the Mind of A Budding Blogger


Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Leena,
Thanks for participating and I love your dream! I think showing people JUST how fun puzzles are and how to do them would make some even turn off the TV and work their brains instead! I agree that puzzles are very helpful in keeping sharp and can also heal by having you focus on something else. Thanks again, Jenny

Black_Mamba said...

Hello Leena.

Thanks for 'tagging' me. I really appreciate the gesture. I have a lot of dreams so I'll need some time to figure which one I'll interpret lol. Thanks again Leena :)

Meghna said...

Hi leena,
Thanks for tagging me. This meme sounds interesting. I'll take some time to figure it out though. I'll do it in a week's time!
Thanks :D

neilsattin said...

Hey Leena,

Thanks for participating! I think I'll know who to come to for tips on getting my family puzzle night going.


Anonymous said...

You have a noble dream, Leena. It's true that brain activity could prevent Alzheimers, and your dream might be helpful. Best wishes to you...

Black_Mamba said...

Hey Leena,

So sorry it's taking me so long to finish mine. I'm trying to cutt off some time from the net. I'm turning into one of those zombies lol....... I promise to have it posted by the end of the week. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again :)

Liudmila said...

Mmmm... it's a great idea. I like logical exercises. If you will write about them, I'll partecipate, sure. But it's not very popular. Here in Itay, there were some attemptions to crate a magazine of logical tasks, but they were closed in some months... unfortunatelly for me.