Saturday, January 5, 2008

Do You Solve Sudokus?

I have been occupied with my files transferring them from one computer to another. That is a very tedious task but my husband is waiting for the old computer and my vacation is about to end and I need the files in my work. The waiting has left me some time to think and my thoughts led to this post.

I found another new Finnish Sudoku magazine in a local store. Since it had a few variations to the regular Sudoku, I have solved some of them lately. I was already a member of Conceptis community when the Sudoku boom started and saw it happen. The stores were full of new magazines and books from different publishers. As I thought there were too many of them. Most of those first magazines have gone out of Sudoku business.

I loved Sudoku at first but got bored after a while. Nowadays I need more challenging puzzles than the regular 9x9 Sudoku’s. Fortunately there are many good and interesting variations available for me.

When I was working with the computers, I also transferred my bookmarks. I had very many links to different online Sudoku sites. I had no time to check if they still are valid links but inspired by them, the new magazine and an e-mail I got I am asking all of you:

Do you solve Sudoku’s? Do you solve them on paper or online? Where do you find the paper Sudoku’s; newspapers, magazines, books or which site do you use?

Please answer in the comments! I would like answers also from those who don’t like Sudoku’s or have never solved them. I promise to pay a visit to everyone who answers, sooner or later depending on the amount of the answers :)


Anonymous said...
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Leena Helttula said...

No spam please!
Those will be deleted

Tanny said...

I solve sudokus, but the toughest ones, or I'll get bored. I started with sudoku then Kakuro, and then I found Conceptis and now i am addicted to Pic-a-pix fill-a-pix, hitori, hashi and You get the point.
I just purchased a new laptop too and lucky for me all my important files were on my Disk on Key, so all I had to do is copy paste and Ta Da!

I always keep my disk on key synchronized with my computer and I have puzzles on it too and the picpuz program, just in case..

Reading Junkie said...

Hi Leena,

I was hooked on sudokus at one time. I would buy thick books and work my way through those. But then I was given a machine that generated puzzles for you, but even that I gave up in the end.

I've never done any online though. Although, I did just print off the one you have on here for something to do in my break time. :o)


Anonymous said...

I do Sudokus.
On line I like of course Conceptis sudokus in their web or the dayly King Features or The Star (the last one is not forbidden in my office). On line I also like Sudoku Kingdom.
On paper I like the magazines published with Conceptis Sudokus but there is another web that a Conceptis friend Izakay provided us with the information. There is a LOT of Sudokus. The best for me are the started section.
Sudokus are not the best puzzles for me but I really enjoy them when tryin to solve them in the bus from my daily paper.

Liudmila said...

I like to solve sudoku from time to time.As "morning gymnastic" -to do it only in the mind. Without great systems ecc. So, they have not to be very complicate.

I knew different sites once, but today I don't remember them, because I prefere paper.

Online I liked puzzles and bowling. And knew some good sites too, but today I don't use them for about a year. Simply have not time because of studying all that articles about blogging.

fihanna said...

Tag for you:

Andree said...

Hi Leena! Love this blog. I do up to four Sadukos a morning on the web. I don't like the pencil-paper ones. Only online. I go to USA Today, MSNBC, Newsweek (they have 2). They all have similar look and feel that my eyes do well with. I am thinking of adding sudoku but sometimes my eyes don't do well with that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leena,
I once played Sudoku as I find the logical challenge interesting. Now my son had hijacked my Sudoku "toy" gadget and had claimed to mastered it. I never knew that this Sudoku thing had such impact on a 7-year-old kid.

Heather Dugan Creative / Footsteps said...

I like the more challenging ones but generally lack the time that they require. I grew up on crosswords, logic puzzles, and some other number box puzzle I cannot remember the name of... Sigh. I'm blowing the WHOLE theory of how puzzle-solving enhances brain power...

Anonymous said...

What is the solution to the sudoku puzzle for Thursday July10, 2008