Thursday, April 17, 2008

Decorations for Gamers

I found more fun stuff for game addicts in technabob. Tetris was the first puzzle game I played on the computer. My first game had not even colours. Now I could decorate my wall with Tetris blocks. The set of vinyl stickers can be arranged the way the decorator likes. The set has 7 colours.

It would have a real challenge arranging the stickers. I still remember the feeling when the screen started to fill up. I think I might get anxious in a room decorated like this…

Actually the pieces in Tetris are also mathematical. The definition from Wikipedia:

Tetromino, also spelled tetramino or tetrimino, is a geometric shape composed of four squares, connected orthogonally. This is a particular type of polyomino, like dominoes and pentominoes are.

Ordinarily, polyominoes are discussed in their free forms, which treat rotations and reflections in two dimensions as congruent. But due to the overwhelming association of tetrominoes with Tetris, which uses one-sided tetrominoes, people recognize seven distinct tetrominoes:

The free tetrominoes additionally treat reflection (rotation in the third dimension) as equivalent. There are only five free tetrominoes: I, L, O, S, and T.

The fixed tetrominoes do not allow rotation or reflection. There are 2 distinct fixed I tetrominoes, four J, four L, one O, two S, four T, and two Z, for a total of 19 fixed tetrominoes.

Although a complete set of free tetrominoes has a total of 20 squares, and a complete set of one-sided tetrominoes has 28 squares, it is not possible to pack them into a rectangle, like hexominoes and unlike pentominoes. The proof to this an additional info you can find in the Wikipedia article


faizalnizam said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it. I used to addict to tertris too. It is so interesting. But now, the only puzzle game I play is Rubik's Cube.

Anonymous said...

I love Tetris too! It's been around for ages but still it's one of the best puzzle games ever.