Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dog Problem or Problem Dog

I have recently been very busy with my work. The national matriculation exams have kept me busy but now the worst is over and I am having only two days work a week next period starting a week from now.

Besides Piitu has kept me busy. She is a real Houdini. We bought her a harness which is designed for problematic dogs. It should be impossible for the dog to wind out of this thing but obviously the designers have not met dogs like Piitu. She has been able to release herself twice. Nobody actually saw how she did it :)

Two days ago she got out from our backyard which has fences all around. She found a place where she could fit herself under the fence. I was totally surprised when the neighbour rang the doorbell and returned the dog!

We are now just waiting when she notices how the doors get opened. She could jump against the door and release the handle with her paw but luckily she has not figured that out yet. In case she does I think we have to get locks like this:

I am not sure how long that would hold her. She has learned to solve every intelligence toy we have bought her and they are not fun anymore :)


Unknown said...

If Piitu's been taking notes while you've been doing your puzzles, that door lock will be a piece of cake lol.

Leena Helttula said...

That is what I am afraid of... :)

EeHai said...

amazing lock. Sweet and simple yo...