Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back To Work

It’s odd how fast time passes sometimes. I have also noticed that the longer the vacation is, the longer you are worried it is going to end soon. The second week in August I started the worrying and thinking about all of the things I had thought of doing during the holidays. Luckily I got over that but many of the things I had planned are still undone.

School started a week ago. The first days are always exciting and I am worried how many students I will have. This year the long mathematics had the greatest success in years. I even had not enough seats in my classroom and had to borrow some from another classroom. That is a really good thing. In autumn, people are starting the studies and make good decisions but later on part of them always drop off, because of work issues, family, … the reasons are numerous.

I had some setbacks also. The most annoying thing is the wireless network. The school computers in the teachers’ lounge were connected to the municipality network and are now protected with passwords. Whatever anyone wants to do, he/she has to log in and remember to log out afterwards. I can’t attach my laptop to the school network but we have a wireless network also. Something has obviously changed at the same time the other network was set up because I am not able to connect anymore. My settings are the same and I tried also with my new cellular, Nokia E90, I bought this summer.

Both the laptop and the cellular found the network but did not connect to the log in page. Now I’ll just have to wait until someone comes and fixes it. Luckily I have a normal computer in my classroom and I can use my USB flash drive if needed.

This week I was really tired and all my time was spent in preparing the classes, the normal things I do on the computer and sleeping! I was so tired that I slept more than in ages. Maybe the bad weather has also something to do with my mood.

Today I found cool cookies. I have blogged about Tetris wallpapers and Sierpinski cookies before, and now fraskedesigns introduced Tetris cookies. I just wonder how to get the colours so bright. My experience with the food coloring is that it shows up different than you intended...

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