Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Online Puzzles

One reason for my slow blog activity has been the new online puzzles on Conceptis website. I have solved both on paper before and loved them but online playing is even more addictive.


This is a game I have played as a child with my sister and also taught it to my children. The purpose of playing was to sink the opponent’s ships before my own ships were sunk. This game is played alone and the task is to find the ships with given clues.

From Battleships rules page:

Each Battleship puzzle represents an ocean with a hidden fleet of ships, which may be oriented horizontally or vertically within the grid such that no ship touches another, not even diagonally. The numbers on the right and on the bottom of the grid show how many squares in the corresponding row and column are occupied by ship segments.

Here is a tutorial showing some tactics. The online game is much faster and you can just click on the squares or on the numbers.

If you want to try the puzzles, you can start here.


Hashi is also sometimes called bridges. They remind me of planar graphs in graph theory even though solving them does not actually involve mathematics.

From the Hashi rules page:

The object is to connect all islands according to the number of bridges so that there are no more than two bridges in the same direction and there is a continuous path connecting all islands together. Bridges can only be vertical or horizontal and are not allowed to cross islands or other bridges.

Here is the tutorial:

And here you can start playing.

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Anonymous said...

well these puzzles are really good

Anonymous said...

This is really good puzzles. Fun to play

Anonymous said...

This puzzles are good, i just love solving nonogram puzzles. I can spend hours on them and not get bored. Recently i have been playing Gemsweeper, nonogram puzzle
which is easy to use, has colourful graphics and 225 mind bending puzzles to solve. What more can you ask for? This is for all nonogram puzzle lovers. check it out

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
i forgot to leave a direct link to Gemsweeper, here it is