Saturday, September 27, 2008

Math Clock

I found the perfect clock in TechEBlog

Probably all people regardless of their math skills can use it, but I really would love to have this in my classroom.


EeHai said...

Yes, I agree. I would like to have one in the classroom too. It will definitely arouse interest in maths. How about having one for science, history, etc too?
The classroom will have something like the international clock display. Thinker, thinker....

maths is interesting!

Anything Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

wow i didnt know there is math clock in this world

Mika said...

Hi! Howdy?

Got you tagged! And you're it! :)
Got something especially for you HERE.

See ya!... :)


Anonymous said...

I am sure this will interest lot of folks

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