Friday, November 14, 2008

Piitu - the Comedian

Now that I finally decided to take the time to update my blog, I noticed that I have not written in a month! This autumn has really gone fast. I have some reasons for missed weekends which I will blog about and my work seems to take so much time. Of course the puzzles take a big part of my time but sometimes I have felt I have not enough time for them either.

Now I decided to show some pictures of Piitu. She is one of the reasons my blogging is suffering. I have gone to so many shows with her and seen agility practises. Sometimes she just arranges shows for us at home. This is one of them. I guess she just got bored and decided to chew her big football to pieces...

I already told Piitu was picking mushrooms with us. Here she is taking good care that the mushrooms will be cleaned properly. Jumping to the kitchen chairs is no problem for her. Actually I have caught her several times climbing to the table...

Piitu really has only two modes, on and off. When she finally gets tired, she totally drops from standing feet. She can really find the most comfortable places to relax.

The last one is a video. Piitu learned to jump into a cardboard box a long time ago. We did not have the box available for a while and when we tried again, she had not forgotten the command, but she really had learned to jump. The jumps were really high regarding the size of the box. We had a good laugh watching.

Piitu's jumping skills are too good. She managed to jump over our backyard fence when she saw Lulu practising on the other side. The fence is 80 cm high and Piitu is very low. I still am wondering if she has acidentally been fed by a cat or something...


Anonymous said...

Amazing video! I am going to YouTube to leave a comment there as well!

What an amazing Baby Piitu is. You have trained your pet well. So many people today think of dogs as just that, "just dogs".

Where I live, in the Southern part of the United States, there is still a real problem with animal cruelty. People will leave their dogs chained up for months...only to be used as "hunting dogs".

While we are working to stop that type of cruelty, it's going to be a long road.

It's wonderful to see how you have taken this gentle, smart, loving creature and made it a part of your Family.

Isn't that what Life is really all about? Enjoying your Family? (Dogs included!)

Thank you for sharing your joy with us.

Meghna said...

Hi leena.....long time since u saw me too....u do remember me, dont u??

WOW! Nice pics LOL! That pet of yours is really funny...nice video :)