Friday, June 5, 2009

Benefits of Vacation

Now that I have no obligations regarding work, I don't have to feel guilty about solving puzzles. My favourite puzzles are Pic-A-Pix and that is why even these six were not enough for this week.

The next one in line was Fill-A-Pix, but they were not very big this week

So I had to turn to the Link-A-Pix puzzles which normally are too easy for me. There was this one MegaLAP and I thought I would solve it. After solving that I remembered how nice pictures they have and decided to try some more and as I went backwards from the biggest to the smallest, I noticed that I still had time for more... ending up solving them all before the new update.

Here is a better screen shot of the bigger ones

Now that I have finished this Conceptis should have updated the puzzles and I can start solving a whole new set,

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