Thursday, June 4, 2009


My summer vacation has officially started. Actually it started already last Friday but I have been just enjoying myself solving puzzles.

The graduation day was warm and sunny. The graduation took place as always across the street in the house of Turku Voluntary Fire Brigade (VPK). It is a beautiful Neo-Renaissance house. We also arrange the matriculation exam there.

The ceremony contains of speeches, music performances and of course rewarding the students with the official certificates and giving them the Finnish white student cap.

This year one of performers was a celebrity, Jackson Shuudifonya, who belonged to the group INDX winning the Finnish Popstars in 2004. The group does not exist anymore, but I found Jackson's music online

We had many students and here is just a small part of them. The age difference between the oldest and the youngest was more than 50 years!

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