Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is Here

Finally the nature is alive, this year a little bit later than usual.

One of the first blooming in the garden is Chaenomeles. It has beautiful flowers which are many but hidden behind the leaves. The fruit from this bush make good marmalade.

This is my Plum tree. The flowers appear very suddenly, all at the same time and the petals are already flying away with the wind. The tree actually grows plums which are very sweet.

This is a meadowsweet. It belongs to a big family of Spiraea, this one being Spiraea 'Grefsheim'. That one I did not find in the Wikipedia. We call it the Norwegian meadowsweet but I don't know the reason for that either. It is also on full bloom now and when the flowers are gone, it will grow very much and I have to cut it down occasionally. The flowers have a very strong scent and our garden is like a perfume shop now.

This is the scene from the parking lot. We call this type of houses "row houses". There are six apartments attached to each other. We live at the other end.

This is our part of the house from the other side.

This is the lawn of the two houses which together form a housing company. The Finnish housing companies are almost all limited-liability companies and the difference to a separate house is very small. We have the benefit of sharing the expenses and the gardening of all this. The area our housing company owns is very large compared to others with the same distance from Turku. On summer time the trees almost cover the houses.

The very annoying flower is the Dandelion which is beautiful in this picture but totally ruins the lawn! It also spreads so fast and getting rid of it is a real pain.

This is definitely the most beautiful time of the year. Later my garden suffers from too much heat (or rain) and my flowers don't do so well. I prefer plants I don't have to water all the time.

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BudgetBride said...

thank you for sharing the lovely springtime photos! So beautiful! We have a dadilion (spelling?)problem in my climate as well. Oh, don't you love the sweet floral smell of springtime!