Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tested On Humans First

I heard about a funny slogan yesterday. The story was told by my daughter. It seems that the young people of the family want to be trendy and order their hair products online and they are using Tigi. There are Finnish pages also selling it, but the link here is to the products' home page. Here is one example, Tigi Bed Head Superstar spray (I am not sure what my children are using)

Tigi Bed Head Superstar spray 300ml

My daughter had visited a pet shop and told that they had created a line for pets also

Here are two examples I found on the net:

Dirty Talk; Experience the magic! This magical spray neutralizes and eliminates odors on contact! Best for applying between baths

Dirty Talk

Poof! Asian Pear Fragrance:


Frankly I don't know why Piitu should smell like Asian Pears, but I usually don't much like perfumes on humans either.

The reason I had a good laugh was that there was and ad at the store saying:
"These products have been tested on humans first"
Tigi makes it clear on their pages that the hair products are not tested on animals. I did not find that slogan on the net, but at least in our family they really have been tested, in case we try these for Piitu or Lulu :)

I also found out that they are not the first ones using that line. According to several sources the slogan has been invented by John_Paul_Pet. Also these products are sold here and the human hair products seem to be available also.

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