Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Searching with Spezify

From the mathematics point of view I have been very thrilled with the new search engine, WolframAlpha. I just wrote some basics about it in my Finnish blog. Then miraculously I found a totally different search engine yesterday named spezify. It is still in beta and to my surprise located in Sweden.

Here is part of my search for "japanese logic puzzles". As you can see the results are shown visually. The results contain Twitter messages and for some reason Conceptis was very well represented. Someone called the results messy but I liked it in some weird way. I had the urge to click and check the results and with Google I try to avoid clicking any extra links. Browsing the results was hard in the beginning using the mouse, but when I realized the arrow keys work the best I had fun!

Before opening a link you can check where it came from. One click on the picture gives black frames with the basic info.

The results with even Finnish search words are mostly in English.
Now I have to start playing with the mathematics links. So many fantastic looking pages!

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