Saturday, May 2, 2009

First of May

I wrote about the traditions on the First of May in Finland last year so I am not going to repeat that now. Instead I am adding photos from this year's celebrations. The weather has favoured us. I don't even remember the last time our summer start has been so warm and sunny.

On the 30th of April we start the celebrations by putting our student caps on. Here is a picture of the overalls the students currently studying are wearing. The colours and design depend on the faculty

The good weather brought plenty of people to the event

The flags of faculties and student associations were carried to the Lilja statue and the crowd followed them eventually

We did not follow to the statue but were left at the market square which was filled with sales booths. This year no covers were needed.

This is a must if you have small children. The helium filled balloons are made of foil. The prices are from 8€ to 15€ depending on the size.

We bought food which was probably Turkish; rice and kebab and shrimps along with vegetables.

We went home after that but most of the people left for partying and drinking either outside or in the restaurants. Basically drinking outside in public is forbidden but this is an event where the rules are not followed.

Some people are partying over night and the next morning people are having brunch on one of the hills of Turku. The top of the hill does not have apartments but an old observatory and its surroundings. The place was really crowded. We went there quite late, not eating brunch but just walking around.

We met the children there with the dogs.

On one side of the hills we have the "old city", one part of Turku which survived The Great Fire of Turku in 1827. The area is nowadays the Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum.

I hope you can imagine the scenery on summer time. The weather has been cold so far and the trees don't have leaves yet. Turku is a very beautiful city divided by Aura River. Part of the people were celebrating on the restaurant boats, some were walking along the banks of the river.

I have to take more photos when the summer comes to show the real beauty of the city.

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