Thursday, August 16, 2007

Conceptis Puzzles

My major addiction is puzzles and the best and most enjoyable puzzles are made by Conceptis Puzzles.
Those who want to know more about Conceptis, can do it here.

Conceptis has a free website which offers lots of sample puzzles and more importantly: a weekly changing set of puzzles for us who never seem to get enough of them. The weekly puzzles are updated every Friday.
The website is totally free but needs a registration. This time it would be stupid to use a fake e-mail address, because you might miss something important. In all the 2.5 years I have been a member I have never received any spam related to Conceptis. You can keep your e-mail private from the other members but in that case other members can't contact you in a very important issue: sending you more puzzles ;)

The puzzles can be divided in two categories: picture forming logic puzzles and number logic puzzles.
When solving the picture puzzles you are rewarded with a fabulous picture in addition to the euphoric feeling you get from succeeding in the solution.

The weekly puzzles set contains altogether 53 puzzles :
  • 4 Pic-A-Pix-puzzles (also known as nonograms, griddlers, Paint by Numbers,...)
  • 4 Link-A-Pix-puzzles (Enigma, Pixel-link, Zahlen Logical,...)
  • 4 Fill-A-Pix-puzzles (Mosaic, Oekaki-Pix, Count and Darken,...)
  • 4 Maze-A-Pix-puzzles (Picture Maze, Labyrinth,...)
  • 4 Dot-A-Pix-puzzles (Dot-to-Dot, Connect the Dots,...)
  • 4 Classic and 5 variant Sudokus (Mega, Irregular, Diagonal, Multi and Sumsudoku)
  • 4 Classic and 4 shaped Kakuros (Cross Sums,...)
  • 8 Battleship Puzzles
  • 4 Hitoris
  • 4 Slitherlinks (Loop the Loop, Fences,...)
All the puzzles are provided as pdf-files to print them on paper and the 3 first on the list can also be played online with a Java Applet. Also 5 of the Sudokus can be played online with a Flash application.

If the variety of online puzzles seems too small, I have good news: Conceptis is launching a new website where all the puzzles can be solved online ;) and it will hopefully be in use in 6 months.

The website also has the most amazing forums. All people writing to the forums are so friendly and helpful. If somebody needs help in solving puzzles, finding magazines, sometimes even with personal issues, there will always be someone who comes to rescue. In the history only a couple minor arguments have occured and the community takes care of it's own members. During my membership I have got many friends all over the world.

I posted a tutorial to solving Pic-A-Pix-puzzles yesterday. All the puzzles have Flash Tutorials which in my opinion are very logical and even entertaining. If you want to see more tutorials click here.

If you decide to join, you meet me in the forums with the name lekahe. I was nominated moderator about a month ago ;)

In any case I'll be writing much, much more about these puzzles because they are closest to my heart most of my time =D

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I found the Conceptis puzzles a few days ago and they're great. I love those connect-the-dot ones.

I would also recommend the three sample puzzles from ; they don't show the finished picture, so you won't be spoiled.