Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nice learning Site

I accidentally found a very nice site directed to kids, parents and teachers.
Here is some info from the website:

What is®?
Founded in 1996,® is a free, one-stop center of entertainment for the entire family. We offer Internet content within a protected playground that features hundreds of games, puzzles and other activities.

Why Was Created? was founded so that kids could find fun, engaging content in one place without searching all over the Web or stumbling into otherwise inappropriate material. Every piece of content in our SuperSite is hand-selected for our audience by the editors.

What is the Special Technology of
Visitors to do not need to purchase any special software to enjoy the protected environment of Instead, operates with a special user interface called "NetScooter®". This is our unique and free way of simplifying navigation and encouraging kids to surf within the kid-safe pages of and not through the Web at large. In addition, uses ContourLine™ which establishes an invisible boundary around all content within our site. ContourLine allows our editors to include only the highest quality parts of a website for our visitors to see.

The pages had also a link to Conceptis puzzles ;)
With the search it was easily found but otherwise it was buried very deep:
Here is the route from the site map to the link (Choose Brain Games):

and numbers at the bottom
And this can be found second on the list:
Conceptis Puzzles
Learn math the pretty way!

Here are some really nice looking math puzzles that are fun to do, and if you get them right, you'll have a cool picture at the end. Connect two numbers that are seperated by that number of squares. For example, if you find two sixes that are six squares apart, click them both to start your drawing.
Conceptis Puzzles

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I just wish teachers and parents use this!

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