Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second day in school

As I have written before, I have a dog named Piitu (actually Svarzekoks Born to be Wild). It seems that here Nomen est omen. Piitu is very active in all her hobbies. When she was a baby there were actually times when she could sit in one place for a while. Here is a picture I once put on the Conceptis forums:

As you can see also here she is biting my finger ;)

A week ago Piitu started school to learn some discipline. My daughter is her supervisor in the classes. It turned out that also learning new things is something she wants to wear her energy. Last week she learned to sit, come and various other commands I am not able to translate. And she even remembered them yesterday when they practised for the class.

Since I am still on holiday this week I decided to go and watch. The main objective yesterday was to learn the word NO (to Piitu it is of course EI!). I was sure Piitu would fail this time. At least I have had major difficulties to get her to understand the meaning of the word.
Fortunately I was totally wrong. They started with Katri holding a plate with sausages in her hand within Piitu's reach. Finally Piitu started to pretend she was not even interested in them.

Next they went outside to practise with three plates on the ground. Piitu was almost the hardest case of the students. A spray of water in her face did not help. I have noticed before that she actually likes it ! The next trick was a spray of air and that was it: after that Piitu did not even want to go very near the plates. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of the air spray but it looked like the sausages on the plate were exploding. And here is the result:

We have had mostly very sunny lately, but yesterday was cold. Fortunately the rain had stopped before the last lesson because when we went to the school it looked like this:

That is a flower pot and the white substance is hail from the sky...

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