Friday, August 17, 2007

New puzzles today

Today is Friday and it means new free puzzles on the Conceptis website :)
I gathered last week's solutions for all to see how wonderful they are.
These are Pic-A-Pixies (PAP):
and these are Link-A-Pixies (LAP):
FIll-A-Pixies (FAP):
Maze-A-Pixies (MAP):
Dot-A-Pixies (DAP):
Note that these solutions are NOT the official solutions from Conceptis! The DAPs and MAPs have been solved with image handling programs (I use PSP X). The others are from pdf-prints of the solutions.
Thanks for brkip and tracey raye for sending me part of these :)

The solutions to the number puzzles I don't have. I do them occasionally but this week I only maneged to get the MultiSudoku done. Besides the solution of a number puzzle is not beautiful. Just numbers and numbers...

I am not doing this every week. I just wanted all to see how beautiful the pictures are.

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