Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Amazing things happen!

I have previously used clipmarks in my blog when I created links to Conceptis website. I have been viewing other people's clipmarks and popped the interesting ones for further use. I have so far created 17 of my own, containing news and of course my main interests: puzzles and mathematics. This clip I made two days ago and it has been popped 21 times! On top of that it has been commented on 7 times (that contains my own comments). I was among the 5 most popped yesterday.
The more I spend time blogging and socializing in the net, the more I get amazed. This was not something I thought would interest so many people.
clipped from users.forthnet.gr
Mathematics Exist?
According to Neo-Platonists,
mathematics exist independent of human quest, so they are in fact discovered,
not invented. Even the most abstract mathematical objects are real and
For Formalists on the other,
mathematical objects do not exist. Mathematics consist of symbols, axioms/sentences
composed of such symbols and rules to transform sentences into others (e.g.
theorems), but none of these has any particular meaning. Mathematics is
therefore a humanly constructed language devised by human beings for definite
ends prescribed by themselves.
Constructivists take the extreme
view that if something cannot be constructed in a finite number of steps
it does not exist.
Links on the Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics
can be found at the University of Waterloo/ Department of Philosophy site

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